Publicerad av Kim Hall den okt 30, 2019

Det årliga Zonmötet är ett av Rotarys viktigaste möten. Det är här ledande och vanliga Rotarianer möts för att diskutera framtidens arbete i Rotary. Ni kan läsa om det i Rotary Norden, men också i Nyhetsbrevet som RI Director Piotr Wygnanczuk har skrivit här: 

2019 Rotary Institute in Gdańsk, the biggest event in our two Zones, is now history and I am fully convinced that it will be well remembered. I feel authorized to say this because of the so many compliments and positive opinions from the participants we received. The final attendance was pretty good, we had 320 participants for different events from 19 countries and 41 districts.

The biggest attendance was the first day which was convened in the European Solidarity Center where the main speaker was Lech Wałęsa the famous Solidarity leader, past President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner. After his motivating speech, he was available to have photos with him and lots of the Rotarians used this opportunity.

The next speaker, Rotary International President Mark Maloney, presented his goals for the current year emphasizing Membership Development as the main priority of all Rotarians. 

The second event of the first day was a symphonic concert by Cappella Gedanensis under the direction of Magdalena Pawlisz. On Saturday, apart from the morning entertainment, we had a Rotary parade on the main street of the Old City of Gdańsk with a brass orchestra. The parade ended with dancing on the street started by Rotary International President Mark Maloney and his wife Gay. Saturday was the main day for speeches about Polio eradication and Membership Development, as both issues are the main priorities of Rotary International; Polio eradication as an external project and membership Development as an internal goal. We had speakers from different countries and all of them delivered very interesting speeches. Only one got a standing ovation after her speech; an Assistant Rotary Coordinator from Lithuania Mingaile Subaciute. We can say a “new Star was born”. On Saturday we had the possibility to put questions to senior leaders during the Open Forum. In the evening before the Gala Dinner there was a presentation of new 11 Major Donors which we got this year. At the link below you will find a video film giving a general view of the Institute in Gdańsk​​​https YouTube. And at this link you will find some presentations of the speeches. Apart from the Institute, we had various seminars, among others, GETS was mandatory and we had all the DGEs, the majority with their partners. For the DGN seminars attendance was 50% and for the remaining seminars the highest attendance, as usual, was on the Rotary Foundation seminar. I would like to express my gratitude to all trainers and speakers for their great job.

Special thanks to the Host Organizing Committee headed by PDG Barbara Pawlisz and to its Treasurer Bendt Haverberg. Special thanks to Dorota Wcisła for all graphic design including logo of the Institute. Dear Fellow Rotarians, I do believe that all of the participants of the Institute and the seminars were inspired by our various speakers, and by sharing experiences during coffee breaks they can bring new ideas and enthusiasm to their districts and clubs. I also believe that all of the information and experiences we had during the Institute and seminars will be helpful in implementing the new Strategic Plan of the Rotary International, the four legs of which are as follows:

Increase our impact
Expand our Reach
Enhance participant engagement Increase our ability to adapt.

Best regards,

Piotr Wygnańczuk
RI Director 2018-2020