Publicerad den 10 Mar 2022
Update 9.03.2022
Almost 1.300.000 refugees have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. These are mainly women with children. The first wave of refugees consisted mainly of people with good connections in Poland and Europe and joined their families and friends. Now, the situation can be described as a humanitarian crisis as all the hotels, holiday resorts and boarding houses are full and refugees have to stay in temporary night shelters created in schools, churches and stadiums.
We, Rotarians, coordinate help for refugees on the border, transport them to locations in Poland, host them and take care of them. We also receive all deliveries from the Rotarian path of help in Zamosc and coordinate with Ukrainian friends shipping to Ukraine. 
People fleeing in Dorohusk. Photo: Rysza rd Karczmarski
Numbers concerning our help going through the district committee with the funds, you District 2390, supported:
- found shelters and transported to various destinations over 200 families individually (one family) or in small groups (1-3 families)
- formed 3 buses with refugees in cooperation with Rotarians from Lviv and sent to three destinations in Poland to be taken care by local Rotarians
- formed 7 transportations of 8-12 people to destinations in Poland
- created a database of available accommodation
- accept 25 shipments of gifts: busses, lories, trucks, containers and sent the gifts to Ukraine. The warehouse is empty, the gifts are sent within 24 hours
- works with donors and foundations, Shelter Box and others providing help.
A night shelter in a church. Serving sandwiches. Photo: Ryszard Karczmarski.