Publicerad av Kim Hall den 24 Apr 2020
Under den 24-30 april pågår Världsimmunitetsveckan, eller World Immunization Week, då The Rotary Foundation har fokus på vaccinering av barn. Nu mer än någonsin inser vi betydelsen av vaccinering mot sjukdomar. I kampen mot polioutrotningen är Rotary också djupt engagerad i bekämpningen av Covid 19 världen över. Det är därför viktigt att vi i Rotary fortsätter att stödja dessa projekt genom att donera till PolioPlus Fund . Ensam är inte stark, men tillsammans kan vi skapa under.
Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of effective vaccines to protect against disease. As scientists work to develop one to protect all of us from the new coronavirus, we recognize how far we have come this World Immunization Week. This 24-30 April, encourage everyone to immunize their children and themselves against preventable diseases.

The Rotary Foundation has a long history of funding disease prevention and treatment projects that focus on health issues that impact vulnerable communities, like our polio eradication efforts. Successes in these areas have helped us address other global health challenges, including the spread of the coronavirus. Learn how our work fighting polio is supporting the COVID-19 response in communities worldwide.

It’s important that we continue funding these projects when our help is needed most. Although this pandemic affects all of us, Rotarians like you continue to take action even in a time of crisis. If you are able to make a donation during World Immunization Week, give to our PolioPlus Fund to support polio eradication efforts and more, or give to our Disaster Response Fund to support our work addressing this pandemic and other emergencies. You’ll be helping to empower Rotarians so that we can keep Doing Good in the World now and in the years to come.

We hope you and your family are staying safe in this time of uncertainty.

The Rotary Foundation