Guvernör Klubb Världspresidentens tema
Annika Skoglund Rotary Helsingborg-Kärnan Creating Hope in the World
Ulf Bingsgård Malmö-Öresund Imagine Rotary
Ulf Bingsgård Trelleborg-Nicolai Serve to Change Lives
Stefan Knutsson Rotary Lomma-Bjärred Rotary Opens Opportunities
2019-2020 Torkil Rönne Rotary Malmö-Öresund Rotary Connects The World
2018-2019 Carl Hedberg Rotary Falsterbo-Skytts Rotary: Be The Inspiration
2017-2018 Peter Lindqvist Rotary Malmö-City Making a Difference
2016-2017 Lars Bjurström Rotary Lund-Ideon Rotary Serving Humanity
2015-2016 Viveca Serder Rotary Malmö-Möllevången Be a gift to the world
2014-2015 Bengt Holmström Rotary Hammenhög Light Up Rotary
2013-2014 Birgitta Arnbring Friberg  Rotary Helsingborg-Kärnan Engage Rotary - Change Lives
2012-2013 Larry Sevrin Rotary Malmö-City Peace Through Service
2011-2012 Hugo Cederschiöld Rotary Malmö-Ellenborgen Reach Within To Embrace Humanity
2010-2011 Sonja Andersson Rotary Kävlinge Building Communities - Bridging Continents
2009-2010 Leif Mazetti-Nissen Rotary Malmö-Limhamn Building on Our Accomplisments
2008-2009 Lars Danilson Rotary Malmö-Heleneholm Make Dreams Real
2007-2008 Mikael Halling Rotary Helsingborg-Landborgen Rotary Shares
2006-2007 Claes Erik Nyman Rotary Malmö-Lorensborg Lead The Way
2005-2006 Yngve Anderberg Rotary Lund-Ideon Service Above Self
2004-2005 Gert Berglund Rotary Lomma-Bjärred Celebrate Rotary
2003-2004 Gert Nilsson Rotary Ystad-S:t Petri Lend a Hand
2002-2003 Inger Larsson Rotary Lund-S:T Knud Sow The Seeds of Love
2001-2002 Mie Jernbeck Rotary Malmö-Skeppsbron Mankind is Our Business
2000-2001 Tor Larsson Rotary Svedala CREATE AWARENESS - TAKE ACTION
1999-2000 Lennart Jonéus Rotary Helsingborg-Kärnan Act with, CONSISTENCY, CREDIBILITY, CONTINUITY
1998-1999 Kjell-Åke Åkesson Rotary Hörby Follow your Rotary Dream
1997-1998 Erik Månsson Rotary Falsterbo-Vellinge Show Rotary Cares-for your community, for our world, for its people
1996-1997 Kurt Boström Rotary Landskrona-Citadell Build the Future with Action and Vision
1995-1996 Claes Bönnemark Rotary Trelleborg Act with Integrity-Serve with Love-Work for Peace
1994-1995 Hans Pripp Rotary Lund-Dalby Be a Friend
1993-1994 Bert Sandman Rotary Helsingborg-Kärnan Believe In What You Do - Do What You Believe In
1992-1993 Stig Ransmark Rotary Malmö-Ellenborgen Real Happiness is Helping Others
1991-1992 Olle Arvidson Rotary Helsingborg-Magnus Stenbock Look Beyond Yourself 
1990-1991 Sven Karud Rotary Ystad-S:t Petri Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm
1989-1990 Gunnar Fjellander Rotary Malmö-Kirseberg Enjoy Rotary!
1988-1989 Carl-Axel Trolle Rotary Hörby Put Life into Rotary-Your Life
1987-1988 Stig Käll Rotary Lund-Dalby Rotarians-United in Service-Dedicated to Peace
1986-1987 Åke Gullmo Rotary Helsingborg Rotary Brings Hope
1985-1986 Kjell Magnusson Rotary Malmö You Are The Key
1984-1985 Lennart Stendahl Rotary Kristianstad-Hammerhus Discover a New World of Service
1983-1984 Tore Wrangsborg Rotary Ystad-Tornväktaren Share Rotary Serve People
1982-1983 Anders Arvidsson Rotary Falsterbo-Skytts Mankind is one-Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World
1981-1982 Sixten Thulin Rotary Eslöv-Sallerup World Understand and Peace 
1980-1981 Gerhard Thenfors Rotary Malmö-Limhamn Take Time to Serve 
1979-1980 Per A. Cedergren Rotary Malmö-Slottstaden Let Service Light the Way 
1978-1979 Uno Bramming Rotary Osby Reach Out 
1977-1978 Carl von Mentzer Rotary Tylösand Serve to Unite Mankind
1976-1977 Åke V. Ström Rotary Lund I Believe in Rotary 
1975-1976 Kjell Barnekow Rotary Ystad To Dignify the Human Being
1974-1975 Folke Nilsson Rotary Hörby Renew the Spirit of Rotary